6 Months Car Lease


When it comes to car leasing, majority of the leasers offer cares on lease for at least two years or more as it comes out to be more feasible for them. At Yoko Transport LLC, we understand that many individuals or businesses might require cars for a shorter period and offer car leasing for as short as six months only. If you are one who does not want any commitment with a single car for a long period, this short-term car lease in UAE can be very assistive. There are many motorists who are awaiting the launch of a much-updated car; for them as well, this six months car lease is a great option.


You can get in touch with our car lease agents to discuss your requirements. After discussion of the monthly pay and signing of the lease agreement, you can take the desired car with you as quickly as within a day. Once the lease is over, you can drop it off at our office. We also offer the flexibility of extending the lease in case you decide that you want to keep the car for a longer time. So, approach us to discuss your requirement, monthly rental, deposit, and mileage allowance etc., for an unmatched car leasing.