7 Seater Car Rent


Traveling with a large group of people, family, or complete business troop becomes more convenient, comfortable, and fun when you travel together in the same vehicle. However, most of the cars have a seating capacity of five people and getting everyone on board might become an issue. To ease it out, Yoko Transport LLC has come up with its wide range of 7 seater cars for rent in UAE. Now you can get all your family members, friends, or colleagues and their respective baggage on board with the spacious 7 seater cars that we offer on rent.


Large SUVs and 7 seaters cars by Toyota, Hyundai, Renault, Kia, and other brands are available in our fleet for rent. Whether you want to rent these cars for a single rip, a short term or want to take them out for a longer period, we offer complete flexibility to suit your requirements. You simply need to inform us about your requirement and we can provide you well-maintained and fully-clean 7 seater cars on rent in the UAE. You can enjoy the comfort of traveling in a car while being with everyone with our cars on rent for 7 passengers.