Long Term Car Rental


If a long term travel plan is on your mind, getting a car on rent for the fixed duration can be effective in making your travel more convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective. Not just that, long-term car rental also facilitates smooth commutation for those who require car replacement as their car has broken down and buying new car is not on the cards soon. Yoko Transport LLC is a trusted name in the UAE offering long term car rental services. We have a large fleet of cars that range from hatchback and economy to sedan and SUVs. You can convey your requirements to us and we can arrange cars on rent for a month or even more while offering complete value for money.


You can sit back and relax on your travel endeavors when you have a car parked outside the gates to travel around in. The cars that we offer for long-term rent in the UAE are well-maintained and serviced before you pick them up. In fact, booking car for long terms helps you save more money on the car rental. So, whether you are going for an extended vacation, require a car replacement, or need to relocate for a month or more in a different city, our long term car rental in the UAE can be of great assistance.