Short Term Car Rental


Going out for a day or two on a fun vacation or a business meeting? Why tire yourself by hopping from one public transport to another when you can travel in utmost comfort and style by getting a car on rent? At Yoko Transport LLC, we are offering all types of cars on rent in the United Arab Emirates with our short term car rental services. Whether you want to rent a car for a single day or a few more, our services will completely assist you and be light on your pockets too. Our cars are well-maintained to ensure you do not face any trouble while driving them around.


There are many instances when one needs a car rental for more than a few hours or for more than just a single trip to a certain destination. It could be a weekend getaway, a road trip, consecutive business meetings, or for any other type of requirement. Our short term car rental will definitely benefit you. You can choose from our large fleet of cars including compacts, sedans, luxury, SUVs, and many more. You get complete flexibility of choosing the number of days, type of car, and payment method with our services.